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Trained the PronouncedK9 Way

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Trained the PronouncedK9 Way

Check out these video clips of Brian and John working their dogs this past weekend.

Both dogs are trained with the PronouncedK9 Method!

2 thoughts on “Trained the PronouncedK9 Way

  1. Thanks to the information on your site, I’m now able to recognize my dog, he’s a classic example of defensive type. He also has a very strong pray, but I’d still call him defensive.

    I see most other dogs leaving the training field strong, carrying the sleeve tail high up. My dog…. he is VERY strong in action, but after the session, he spits the sleeve and wants to leave the town, not looking very confident. He also sometimes seem to be reluctant leaving the car, but again, once we approach the field, everything changes. My gut feeling is that something is not right, but people keep telling me it’s okay because in drive he’s strong.

    What do you think? Is this normal for 2-years old defensive type?

    1. Hey Jay! This is an excellent question because it is exactly the problem that trainers have with defensive type dogs. Your gut feeling that something is wrong is correct. The two problems you mention are indicators of incorrect training. Getting a defensive type to show a strong active behavior while being stimulated is the easiest thing to do. It is much harder to get him to show his strong active behavior before the stimulation.

      The problems with not wanting to go to the training field in the first place, and not wanting to carry the sleeve off the field are linked to each other. Your first training objective is to get the dog to leave the field carrying the sleeve in a proud manner like you describe. This is the best indicator that the training is correct. And, correct training will make your dog want to go to the field.

      To get your dog to want to carry the sleeve you must remember that defensive type dogs want to create distance between themselves and the threat. We must use this thinking to build the drive to bite and hold the sleeve. This is done by teaching the dog that if he holds the bite on the sleeve it keeps the bad guy/threat away. And dropping it causes the threat to come back. Once a defensive type understands that holding the sleeve keeps him safe he will begin to think that he needs it. This need turns into an active drive.

      To see this done with defensive and the other types of dogs, be sure to watch for the launch of the PronouncedK9 On-Line Training Club. Members of this upcoming club will have access to training videos and the ability to discuss their own training issues. In the meantime if you have any more questions, please feel free to call me at 517-615-0005. If you want to share a video of your dog being worked, you can email the link to Thanks!

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