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Limited Time Offer – PronouncedK9 Shirts

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Limited Time Offer – PronouncedK9 Shirts

For the first time ever,  we are releasing PronouncedK9 logo wearables. Featuring the artwork of DJ Artistic Designs, the PronouncedK9 logo features an alert and focused German Shepherd. The PronouncedK9 Method promotes the training of working dogs that are balanced, strong, and pronounced – the art on these shirts represents this well.

With a few styles to choose from, these shirts will make great gifts for handlers and helpers alike. Choose from short and long sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts with and without hoods, and a zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Full color screen printing on the back of the shirts, with white screen printing on the sleeve and shirt front.

We can only take orders until November 18 to have time to print and ship them before the holidays. Orders will ship the week of December 12, 2016.

Don’t hesitate! Get your order in today.




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