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Is PronouncedK9 Right for You?

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Is PronouncedK9 Right for You?

PronouncedK9 is an excellent resource for anyone involved in training working dogs: handlers, helpers, competitors, K9 officers, or individuals looking to start their own dog training business. The first of it’s kind – PronouncedK9 is an on-line dog training community that focuses on training the fundamentals. Our method creates balanced dogs that then can be trained for sport/IPO, personal protection, or as police K9s.

PronouncedK9 Creator, Brian Harvey, explains the benefits of following a training program like this:

If you have any questions about the program or how the membership site works, please email us at You can join today for only $25/month and have access to hours of videos on bite work training – for the handler and the helper, introducing new exercises and troubleshooting obedience routines, training schutzhund tracking, and much more! If you can’t find a video on your specific question…that’s what we are here for! Post your questions on the forum and our team of trainers will respond with the information you need to progress your training.

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