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Message from Brian:

3 thoughts on “Intro to the K9 Training Site

  1. As a novice handler, this club will have enormous value for me. I can read books about training theory, drive development, etc., but seeing the work in action is how I learn best. I was ready to retire my older dog but through your training method I see a focused and powerful dog emerging. Can’t wait to see more of what you have to offer Brian!

    1. Greatly looking forward to this critical and highly valuable information and learning tool. Throughout the years I have seen far too many good dogs and people trapped in a poor training situation (myself included) where they know that the training is not going well and yet are unable to pinpoint the problem. This not only leads to frustration on both the the dog’s and owner’s part but given enough negative pressure, they leave the sport and are never able to experience the elation of seeing their dog and themselves be successful on many different levels. Additionally this type of educational experience that you offering will give the handler the ability to quickly recognize an issue and be able rectify it {in one fashion or another 🙂 }, should they work their dog on a different helper. The era of having passive robotic owners as well as robotic dogs is over!!

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