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The PronouncedK9 On-Line Club members will learn by following these three national level helpers as they train and work dogs. New video will be posted weekly backed up with training tips and written articles. Members will then invited to participate in a forum where the training topics can be discussed or questions can be asked of the trainers.

Membership enrollment will be opening soon. Continue to watch the blog for more updates!

Brian Harvey:

John Bochenek:

Waine Singleton:

You can learn more about Brian, John, and Waine on the PronouncedK9 website.

7 thoughts on “Meet the Helpers – On-Line Training Club

  1. I couldnt be any more excited about starting this Online Club. The idea has such far-reaching potential. So many local training groups and helpers struggle and struggle to develop their training helpers while still advancing the club dogs. The PronouncedK9 system we promote and this Online Club will greatly benefit helpers of all skill sets. Handlers too are starving for CONSISTENT information presented in simple english so they can better understand what their helper is doing AND how they can be a more active participant in the training process. This online club will greatly benefit handlers. Proudly I can say that Brian, Waine and myself have all maintained large training groups in our respective areas and our club members are successful in all phases of training. We are interested in the growth of dog training in the US and we dont turn people or dogs away…we train every dog that comes thru the gate. We have trained and titled dogs that other clubs said were not trainable. We have everything from club level dogs to TOP Sport dogs and HIGH END Police K9s training regularly. If people are interested in learning the nuts and bolts of FUNDAMENTAL dog training I believe there will be no better place than this Online Club. If youre interested in learning how fundamental protection translates to high level SchH, personal protection, and police-K9 work, I believe there will be no better place. I wish this online club was around 15yrs ago!!! Very excited, JB

  2. I feel very fortunate to have such knowledge and talent in my corner. The support I have received from the Pronounced K9 Team has been wonderful, and that can be difficult to come by when you show up at a club with an alternate breed. I look forward to one day making this team of trainers proud..

  3. Am like others are just so lucky to have such talents at our disposal. I still remember the day i met Brian where he explained to me some basic things to get started in Schutzhund with my first Schutzhund dog. And after nearly a year in Schutzhund, i am so happy with the progress i have made with evan. I know a lot which I didn’t when i started but i have so much to learn and so many things to do with evan. This online club thing is like a boon for all new people like us coming into this sport.

    Information flow is always an important thing for any success in any field. And this is a start to a right direction for people who do not have enough means to train with a good trainer or be part of a good club.

    Kudos to Brian to come up with something like this which should have been done long time ago.

    I just can’t wait to get back out there and resume training.

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