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PronouncedK9 Trains UFC Fighter Daron Cruickshank

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PronouncedK9 Trains UFC Fighter Daron Cruickshank

UFC Fighter and working K9 enthusiast Daron Cruickshank has been training with Brian and John to learn the fundamentals of helper work. He may have the power and athletic ability, but does he have what it takes to catch K9s flying at him?

Brian and John work with him on the basic skills of helper work including posture, footwork and targeting. If you are looking to learn helper work yourself, or improve your skills, these videos will be beneficial to you as well.

To watch the guys put Daron through the paces, and have a few laughs, join PronouncedK9 now and not miss a single episode. For only $25 a month (cheaper than pay-per-view!) you can see all of the training videos with Daron, PLUS have access to all of the PronouncedK9 videos and community forum. It is a great opportunity to check us out! Give us a try, we look forward to hearing from you on the forum!

You can learn more and connect with Daron on his website:

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