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What is PronouncedK9?

What is PronouncedK9?

PronouncedK9 is like no other.

With valuable tools and information for both helpers and handlers, our focus is on the basic fundamentals that can compliment any training program out there.

Learn more from the founder, Brian Harvey:

Welcome to the PronouncedK9 Blog!

Brian HarveyWould you like to learn a way of training Schutzhund and protection dogs that works on all dogs, and is simple enough to understand it completely from beginning to end?

The PronouncedK9 Method explains why dogs do what they do. Then, this method shows you how to use that information to get the dogs to do what we want them to do.

In this blog we will tap into the knowledge and experience that trainer Brian Harvey employs on every dog he works. If you want to take your helper work to the next level, you will definitely want to follow this blog and sign up for the PronouncedK9 Newsletter.