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Helper Tip – Working on the Strike

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In today’s video,
Brian and John show how to help a dog strike faster and better with correct sleeve presentation:

We hope you are enjoying and finding our videos helpful!
Even if you train with and follow someone else’s theories and practices, what we are presenting here are your basic, fundamental bitework mechanics. You don’t need to move away from your current training program, these fundamentals will still work with the training you are doing now. Everyone can benefit, handlers and helpers!

6 thoughts on “Helper Tip – Working on the Strike

  1. Great video once again, understanding presentation has a huge amount of influence on striking performance, my question is I hear alot of people say they create striking thru rag/tug work how much value do you put on this for striking behavior? Hope my question is not one going to divert from the video.

    1. Not at all, Kevin. Thanks for the question. I personally put very little value on the influence of rag or tug play on striking. For me, the tug is used more to teach the basic concepts of bitework. Although I start right from the beginning teaching puppies and young dogs to drive into the bite, I don’t worry about the speed of the strike until I have transitioned the dog to the sleeve and have its drives balanced the way I want them to be.

  2. Great content and presentation of the information! The fundamental mechanics of good helper work, never get old. Thanks for putting this out there.

  3. I love where this is going… first of all.
    second: is there anything a handler can to to help a dog target the sleeve more efficiently. Such as positioning or timing?

  4. I appreciate the fact that you minimally if ever use a back tie and bungee. That approach has always seemed to frustrate my dogs the wrong way and hence make them hectic with both strike and targeting. As you have observed throughout the years they are fast independent workers with a clear vision of what they need to do and the speed of the strike comes by virtue of the process enumerated in the video. Thank you

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