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The PronouncedK9 Way

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The PronouncedK9 Way

Our goal with PronouncedK9 is to share information on training dogs in a way that allows them to learn based on the type of dog they are. By training a dog in a way that is easy and fun for them to learn,  you get exceptional results!

A dog trained the PronouncedK9 way will have:

  • Aggressive barking and action (aggression)
  • Is fast and full to the bite (prey)
  • Will defend his position at all costs (defense)
  • And does all of this because he loves to do it! (play)

In this video, Brian works a dog that has been trained the PronouncedK9 way. Watch as this German Shepherd shows all of the above attributes during this training session.


5 thoughts on “The PronouncedK9 Way

  1. what could cause a up and coming personal protection dog to lose the drive to go after decoy on command?

  2. I’m very interested in the online training program that you will be offering. I’m new to the sport. Have been actively involved with my Shutzhund club for one year now. I have put a BH title on my showline female and am currently working an eight month old working line GS. I’m always looking to learn and be able to grow in this sport. Is your online program suitable for someone like me?



    1. Hi Cindy…
      This club is definitely suitable for someone like you, in fact its designed for someone like you. Our goal is to give handlers and helpers with a simple and consistent system to better understand the fundamentals of protection training. We are looking forward to delivering discussions, videos, and other content to new and experienced people alike. Our discussions will include everything from the big piece philosophical ideas to the most simple and basic ideas. There will be helper and handler tips of the week and lots of other interaction. So stay tuned. We are nearly ready to launch!!! JB

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