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Is PronouncedK9 Right for You? Find out Today!

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Is PronouncedK9 Right for You? Find out Today!

Have you been wondering if the PronouncedK9 program is right for you? There is one way to find out! For only $25 you can access the entire PronouncedK9 site to see the training that we do, and for a limited time you can get a 2nd membership for free!

When you sign up today, you can give a gift membership to your friend, helper or training partner. This is an excellent way to learn about the PronouncedK9 method and see how it can fit into your existing program. This is your opportunity to see what we do, how we train, and how we can help you reach your training goals.

For only $25 a month, you will have access to the PronouncedK9 site to view the training videos and participate on the forum. In addition to our fundamentals-based bitework training, we are now including tracking and obedience training videos!

PK9logoThe beauty of the PronouncedK9 on-line club is that you will have access to experienced, professional trainers to answer your questions and provide constructive feedback. Our goal is to provide a friendly training community where you can ask questions without having to deal with personal attacks and on-line bullies than seem to run rampant on the free training boards. That won’t happen here. Ask those “newbie” questions and post your training videos to get the information you need to take your training to the next level.

Join today to see what you have been missing, and invite a friend who can also benefit from a membership. Sign up for at least 1 month, then email us ( with your friend’s name and email address and we will send them an invitation to join for free for the month of January 2016. Offer ends on Jan. 4, 2016, so don’t hesitate to sign up today!

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