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Catching the Dog Part 2 – Footwork

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In today’s video, Brian and John wrap up the discussion about catching dogs by explaining the importance of proper position and moving your feet when making the catch:

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6 thoughts on “Catching the Dog Part 2 – Footwork

  1. Keeping your shoulders square and the level are essential. Follow the line the dog chooses and be prepared to make a left or right catch by moving the appropriate foot back.

    Once the catch is made follow through in the direction the dog “was” going and transition in the drive immediately. The sooner you can put the dog on the ground, the less chance you have of injury.


  2. This is a short clip of a longer video detailing first how to make better catches and second how to maintain dogs coming fast and center on the long bite. In a similar train of thought as the previous blog videos…if you have a dog targetting hard to the left or right…moving of right or left away from his favored target (handle or elbow) on approach will draw him back toward center (but will often decrease approach speed). With reps the dog anticipates that movement off line and reacts to a slight movement off line toward center. With that anticipation and the following reaction you can then catch the dog thru the side he doesnt favor. We try to keep balance in young dogs by catching right and catching left throughout their development. In dogs that come to us favoring one side or the other…we work on getting balance with left and right catches, but still allow the dog to finish and blow thru the side he most favors to maintain speed. JB

  3. I love the videos and want to learn how to be a good helper eventually but what attributes are needed to be a good helper?

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